Zelda Fitzgerald's Father
Zelda's  Father
Scott Fitzgerald's Father
Scott's Father


Zelda Fitzgerald's Mother
Zelda's Mother
Scott Fitzgerald's Mother
Scott's Mother


The birth of Scott's father, Edward Fitzgerald at "Glenmary" farm near Rockville in Montgomery County, Maryland.
The birth of Zelda's father, Anthony D. Sayre in Tuskegee, Alabama.
The birth of Scott's mother, Mary ("Mollie") McQuillan in St Paul, Minnesota.
The birth of Zelda's mother, Minnie Buckner Machen in Eddyville, Kentucky.
The marriage of Zelda's parents Anthony Sayre and Minnie Machen at "Mineral Mount," Willis B. Machen's (Minnie's father) tobacco plantation near Eddyville, Kentucky.
The marriage of Scott's parents Edward Fitzgerald and Mollie McQuillan in Washington, D.C.
The birth of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald at 481 Laurel Avenue , St. Paul.
After the failure of his St. Paul furniture factory, Scott's father looses his job as a wicker furniture salesman and takes a job as salesman with Procter & Gamble. He moves, with the family, to Buffalo, New York.
The birth of the Sayres sixth child, a daughter, at home on South Street, Montgomery, Alabama. Judge Sayre was 42, Minnie was 40. Minnie was an avid reader and she decided to name the new baby Zelda, after a gypsy queen in a novel she had recently been reading.
The Fitzgerald family moves to Syracuse, New York, where Procter & Gamble transfers Scott's father.