Zelda Montage Image

Young Zelda Sayre was a rebel. Growing up in conservative Montgomery, Alabama, in the early 1900's, her behaviour was most unbecoming, especially for the daughter of a judge!

Making false calls to the emergency services, smashing shop windows, hanging around in cars with the locals, skinny-dipping, smoking, drinking gin - she was the talk of the town.

But Zelda was blossoming into the most spectacular Belle the Deep South would ever know, and when 21-year-old, author-to-be Lieutenant F. Scott Fitzgerald met the 17-year-old at a midsummer night's dance he "fell in love with a whirlwind".

She wrote "I want you to wear me, like a button-hole bouquet to the world".

Within two years Zelda was Scott's bride, and fuelled by the success of his first novel, the couple propelled themselves onto the world stage and into a life of high living, big spending and party going. It was the Roaring 20's. Scott christened it The Jazz Age, and Zelda was its High Priestess.

Riding the waves between America and Europe in a never-ending search for inspiration and excitement, Scott was the novelist, Zelda was the novelty.

But behind the glittering façade lay a tragedy of epic proportions...


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